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British and European expertise for the new EU-UK relationship.


Pro Europa is passionately in favour of as close and mutually-beneficial a relationship as possible between the EU and UK, whatever the outcome of any forthcoming discussions.

Pro Europa is composed of people with expertise in EU issues. We provide a bridge between the UK & the EU. We seek to impress upon politicians and their advisers the importance of EU-UK relations that benefits the UK population and economy.  We aim to continue to make our unique contribution. We will be making our suggestions as to how to reform and improve the workings of the EU, based on the experience of so many of our members.

We will be campaigning again because future general elections or, maybe indeed, future referendums will place Britain’s relationship with Europe again at the heart of the national debate. And we need to understand how the pro-Europeans lost this last battle, and what lessons to learn for future engagements.


We will continue to liaise with grass roots organisations to get our message across to local areas and we welcome the new opportunities for synergies with like-minded groups and individuals. We will continue to inform the public through our social media campaigns but need your assistance to reach those who have closed their minds to the EU and who are unaware of the mutually beneficial relationship we currently enjoy.

We welcomed your membership of our group in the campaign pre-referendum. Now we invite you to join us in continuing the work we have just begun in the great challenges we face.

Martin Bailey
Chair of Pro Europa